Construction Preliminary Notices

The Preliminary Twenty-Day Notice often called the 20-Day Notice or Pre-Lien Notice, is crucial for anyone providing materials or skilled labor to a construction project. This notice is particularly vital in Arizona, where not issuing it may lead to disciplinary actions.

For the protection of lien rights throughout the project, it’s mandatory to issue this notice. It should be sent via first-class mail with a certificate of mailing or through registered or certified mail. The postage must be prepaid, and the notice must be addressed to the recipient’s business or residential address. This should be done within the initial 20 days of starting work or supplying materials.

Adherence to the Arizona Revised Statutes is essential for the notice to be valid.

Typically, the Preliminary 20 Day Notice should include:

  • The reputed owner or public entity
  • The reputed construction lender or lessee
  • The direct or reputed direct contractor your party, is working for, either directly or via subcontractors
  • Your company’s details
  • A brief description of the services provided
  • An estimate of the total cost of the services provided and to be provided
  • The location address of the building, structure, or improvement work
  • The name of the person or entity receiving the work and your company’s relationship with them

Lienser can still dispatch a prelim notice on your behalf without all this information. Our research team will gather and verify details like actual property ownership, financial lender data, bonding companies (if involved), as well as general contractor and job site specifics.

The notice will be dispatched to the property owner(s), the general contractor, and any financial lender(s).

For assistance with your lien right notice, construction notice services or if you’re uncertain about how to proceed, contact Lienser today for guidance and support.